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Our Findel Brands are specialists in educational resources worldwide and have spent 100s of years winning the trust of the educational communities we supply. We strive to always lead the way and have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and provide award-winning service and unrivalled ranges of resources to support any educational setting

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We think the people who nurture young minds are some of the most important people on earth. They pass on vital knowledge. They build confidence. They fuel our children’s imaginations and enrich the future.

And we put everything they need in one place. We listen to their challenges and aspirations, curating and making the most inventive and extensive range of products to help make their lives easier.

If you stand in front of children everyday to inspire future generations,

Hope is all you need.

We’re on your side, we know how you work, what you need and why it matters. Future planning or restocking, it’s our in-depth understanding that allows us to make things easy for you.

We know you want a huge range in one place, that great service is a given, and that good value across the board is non-negotiable. With GLS, it’s sorted.

We get business because we get schools.

From their first hop skip and jump to their first dip for the finishing line. You’re there for them every step of the way; for the casual players to the serious contenders, the fun seekers to the trophy chasers, the active to the athlete, for all ages, for all levels, for all that is great about being active.

And while you’re kindling an interest or nurturing winners we’re here to champion you, giving you everything you need to help support children, teens and adults to play, learn and compete. For now and for the future.

Play Learn Compete with Davies Sports.

For generations we’ve helped to make sure science is one of the undisputed essentials of a great education. We’ve helped to take it off the blackboard and into the lab, creating a rich, hands-on world of test tubes, circuits, microscopes and awe. Supplying the tools of discovery that have helped young minds unravel the wonder and joy of experimentation and exploration. And we won’t stop developing the new products and resources that keep pushing lessons into exciting new places.

We empower science departments with high quality equipment, expert advice and technician-to-technician support. So you can empower students with practical skills, invaluable knowledge and a lifelong love of scientific discovery.

We are Philip Harris. Explorers of science since 1817.

LDA has all the Special Educational Needs resources you need to make your classroom inclusion-friendly, with 100s of own-developed resources to choose from plus much more, we have everything you need to help support children with additional learning needs.

We have the resources to support Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and speech and language difficulties, and we are constantly adding products to our range to be able to offer you the best resources, to help children of all ages, learn, develop, and achieve.