Microbiology of Yoghurt Kit

Microbiology of Yoghurt Kit
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One of the oldest examples of the application of biotechnology. Nevertheless a very useful way of illustrating how micro-organisms can be used in manufacturing products and the importance of monitoring the steps along the way.

This kit investigates:

• The differential growth rates of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus

• Estimation of the total bacterial population

• Titration of acid produced

• Measuring pH

• Determination of clotting point of casein

The kit provides sufficient practical activity to occupy a normal class of students at 16+ level working in groups. The concepts included in the kit are particularly suitable for ‘A’ level students and for use at college level. These organisms present no particular safety problems.


• Yoghurt starter culture

• Indicator papers

• Resazurin tablets

• Microscope slides

• Methyl violet

• Inoculating loop

• Gram’s iodine

• Droppers

• Carbol fuchsin

• Pipettes, Phenolphthalein

• Full instructions are provided

GBP106.2 inc VAT

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