Hood Mounted Benchtop Extraction Cabinet

Hood Mounted Benchtop Extraction Cabinet
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Product Description

The BenchVent BV200H-D A2 ducted hood mounted extraction cabinet is a general purpose workstation for light aerosol spray and airbrush use. It is designed to capture dust and eliminate fumes/vapours for a safer working environment that meets the CoSHH regulations. The workstation hood also accommodates prototypes, models, ceramic parts, PCBs etc, placed onto the hood base to be sprayed, soldered, cleaned, glued, moulded or sanded etc. This unit is designed for immediate operator protection whereby ‘large’ particulates (> 5 microns) are filtered out and ‘fine’ particulates (<5 microns) together with odours, gases, vapours and fumes within the hood enclosure are exhausted to atmosphere via the flexi-duct.

What's included in the BV200H-D?

· Filter unit with fan(s)

· Hood Enclosure

· 1 x Particulate filter

· Power Lead

· Data/Warranty Booklet

Full product datasheet availble on request

Key Features:

· 355m³/hr air volume suitable for a wide range of extraction applications

· Built with a centrifugal blower via a three stage graduated fibre particulate filter complete with a high particle holding capacity, ensuring long filter life

· Carry handle to aid with portability

GBP792.25 ex VAT

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