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all your datalogging needs!

SensorDisc™ is the complete, all-in-one science lab in the palm of your hand. With 12 built-in sensors, it offers unparalleled convenience, cost and portability, all whilst saving time on lab setup. Complete with easy to use analysis software for displaying and recording experiments, SensorDisc™ is compatible with PC, macOS, iOS and Android.

Equipped with 12 sensors

What’s included?

Analysis Software

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Enter the username SensorDisc and password S3ns0rD1sc when prompted.

iOS, Android and Chromebook software coming soon.

Experiment guides- coming soon



SensorDisc™ is about making science learning simple, compact and immediate. With 12 built-in sensors, 150 hours battery life, the capability to capture 100,000 samples per second and the ability to save one million samples, SensorDisc™ is the market leading solution to all your data logging needs.

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